• 9 April 2024
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Is there a current way to add credentials for premium users whilst using the app?


All can click the plus button but this gives you 5 options only. 

Being able to add and update your profile on the move would be great.


Even better would be to update others in your team for admins etc or users with the ability to update training and other info for users within the Organisation from a smart device and tablet.


Regards John

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Hi @jonnyg - thanks for the post! Absolutely we are in the process of  building out a user profile on mobile which will be for the end user to see and manage their credentials directly on mobile. 

The first release will just be allowing them to see what is on their profile because it has been uploaded on desktop however, we will be following up quickly with the ability for the end user to upload their own credentials as well. So stay tuned over the coming months! 


For Administrators to manage the credentials of users across their organisation on mobile, we are getting this feedback however, it’s not currently prioritised as we’re focusing more on the end user currently. We’ll definitely keep monitoring the feedback coming through about mobile credential management across an org! 

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@Bec Cooper 


Thanks for reply.

As per recent chats with your training colleagues looking at Inductions. User profiles going forward may be better with the inclusion of proof (not just certicates and course) but real knowledge, skills and experiences that start to show individual and Org competencies.