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In the training section of TS, you can view the ‘change log’ for each course and view which user made changes to the course. The only problem with this is that is it not the users name it is a unique identifier number e.g. f39c526e-5586-438k-8a31-1cb943b7f85.

How can I find out which user that identifier belongs to? 

Or better yet, can you change the ‘change log’ page in training to show the user name rather than the identifier?



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Hi Emma, 

Thanks for reaching out! It is certainly something I can speak to the team about addressing.

I’m not sure we can show the user name in this section, but I believe we should be able to update it with the email address. 

Would this solve your problem? I am guessing that you want a way to know which account made edits to the course.


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Hi Ryan, 

Yes, we just need some way to identify which user has updated it last without having to hunt around to try and match user names with unique user identifiers.