connection action items and inspection reports

  • 18 December 2023
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possible to download via cvs the action items and the corresponding report 

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4 replies

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Hi @Arugas 

Thank you for your question.

To ensure we can help you, could you provide a little more detail and context to the above please? 


Thank you for asking more details, the following I am trying to do:

The export file from the action items produces data that can not be related back to the inspection reports export to file. Not via ID or any other specific data parameter. So the action items are numbered but only in the program the link to the report is available and this needs to be done one by one, not possible to get a complete overview which action item belongs to which report. Maybe there is a way to do this in the program and I do not know how to set that up. Not that long a user and trying to make the program work for my applications.

The reason is that end results of the action items is important and to be able to track later (so besides the status the results/notes that are put back into the program). In all the dashboards you need to check each action item individually and then open the corresponding report. It would for me be easier with the export and put them in Excel for the rest of the monitoring for later.

I hope the explanation is clear

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Happy New Year @Arugas 👋🏼

Thank you for sharing additional details, if I’m understanding correctly, what you’re after should be possible already. When you export your actions to CSV, data in two of the columns can be used to track back to the relevant inspection’s question, specifically “Inspection ID” and “Inspection item” – you can check out our support article HERE for more information :)

Equally, if you export your inspections as Excel or CSV, you can find the “Inspection ID” as “auditID”, and “Inspection item” as the relevant question’s label in their respective column – see this article HERE for more information on the column headers.

If you’re looking to work with and model your data at scale, I actually recommend using the SafetyCulture Exporter instead of exporting manually each time, though the data is structured differently, you’ll be able to work with the full set of raw data, including all the IDs to connect the dots 👍🏼

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I assumed that this was available when creating an action within an inspection via templates.

This will allow traceability back to the action via the inspection that was completed.

With regards to monitoring this is if I am correct available within Analytics.


There you can create your own analytics view.

I would suggest you build a list of labels via actions.


We have done this and so far have reached the limit of 50 but it helps us to categorise what the action related to and thus look at gap analysis for this.


Hope this helps.