• 27 June 2024
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I have looked through SC with regards to competencies but at the moment not fully satisfied that this is either in place or addressed in a manner where we can capture roles and then look at profiling these against a system of full reviews.


If this was available it would give an Org and excellent tool for gap analysis and then benchmarking training, credentials or practical solutions along with experience skills and proof.


This is an area we are looking to explore and instead of going to an external system or company we would like to utilise more onboarding within SC.


If anybody has any thoughts or ideas about this it would be appreciated?

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Hi Johnny,

This is something we’ve been discussing a lot internally. We’re making investments this year in ensuring our course assignment methods are more flexible and can provide the foundations for solving what you’ve described above. Keep sharing the feedback here - it’s very helpful.

In the meantime, I’m hoping the inductions solution we’ve discussed will get you closer in addressing something of these challenges.