Broken Template Sharing

  • 23 April 2024
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My question is this: has this process of Sharing & duplicating a template by an external User/Org worked for ANYONE within the past 6 months or even a year?


I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the inability to Duplicate a Template that is shared to an external organization - User.


This issue is a complete blocker for a product line that I offer to my Clients, and has been since I discovered I had an issue back in January of 2024 (as we are now in April 2024). I am, as of yet, unaware of any scheduled resolution or analysis confirming the variables that cause this to occur.


I have worked in IT for over a decade, so I understand product management and prioritization. However, I also understand that core functionality of a product must be maintained through the product lifecycle. Can the Template be shared? Yes. Can that template then be duplicated? No (the User receives a generic “Failed to Duplicate Template” toast message).


And no, I do not find the recommended work-around of “Upload it to the Public Library and have the User download it” to be acceptable. This does accomplish the purpose, but this is not why I pay a premium price for the software. I am happy to be able to do this on the Free plan, no doubt. But the information / logic contained within the template in question (or any of the several that I am attempting to share which all meet Safety Culture’s requirements for such a procedure) is valuable and not something that I want on the Public Library for even several minutes -- let alone the less than professional appearance of a Work Around for paying clients.


I am frustrated. Safety Culture - please use something like ZenDesk or some other public facing Workflow Management System so that the general public can keep track of your progress on our issues (prioritization tags in Forums do not count) and maintain trust in your pledge of product stability. As of now, I’m returning to the Free tier. This is a tiny amount of money for SC to lose, I absolutely understand that. I’m not expecting other larger bugs to be pushed aside so this bug can be resolved. But I am expecting base functionality to be restored.

2 replies

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Hey @Joshua , my apologies for the late reply 🙏🏼 I certainly hear your frustration and recognise that the situation was far from ideal, causing roadblocks for your yourself and clients. Whilst my delayed reply is unfortunate, I did want to jump on and let you know that this was in-fact an issue that our team had been working on addressing for some time and I can confirm that as of early May this issue was fixed. Please let me know if you’re still experiencing issues here and I’d be happy to escalate this to our support team. Thank you for your patience with us! 


When will the issue be fixed?