Assigned training notifications

  • 16 April 2024
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I assigned some training courses to various groups this morning. I was under the impression that the users would receive an email notification for the training but no one has received anything. 

Is no notification the case? 

6 replies

Hi Andrew, yes that’s correct. We’re working on a solution for this. In the meantime, perhaps you could use Heads Up to notify your staff about the course. Many thanks, Giustina

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Thanks @Giustina , 

I posted here as support seemed to be extremely busy. They eventually got back to me and gave me the same workaround. 

I ended up emailing the QR code out as there were 6 different groups and courses. From my understanding, while a notification will not go out, if there is a due date entered against the training, reminders will be sent when the date is coming up. 

The ideal solution would see an initial email notifying a user they have been enrolled in a course along with the QR code or link.

On a positive note, since the initial EdApp days when I used it with my previous company, the feature has come on so far. I have had some really good feedback from those that have completed their training so far. 

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@Andrew Gabb what are your thoughts on EdApp vs. SC Training as far as appearance, end-user features, and administration?

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@Corey  It is probably about two years since using it as EdApp and going into it in training. Training was the one feature I was not using. Our SC support asked if he could take me through training which I reluctantly agreed to. 

I am so glad I did. The thing that hooked me was the AI. From there I just ran with it. The difference between then and now is incredible. It is a lot easier to use. It is a little lacking in some areas and if I were to type up a wish list, there would be quite a few requests particularly around the back end reporting. 

But I realise that improvements are always being developed. 

But overall, it was impressive enough to get rid of our previous training platform and move the UK&I side of the business over to SC training 

I’m so glad to hear that, Andrew! I hope we can make things even better for you by automating a notification on course assignment soon. 



Also, we’re all ears on any of those wishlist items that you have. Please keep sharing them!