• 26 March 2024
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Is there a way to do the following?


Have permission set in Sc so that the following can be applied.

After checking I cannot get this to work.


Prevent Asset categories from being Deleted - However still need the personnel to edit assets but not delete etc. 

At the moment if I have read this correctly the options do not allow this.

A person can create an asset and then edit or delete.

I am looking for the ability to create and edit only.


Any deletion will be done by person with more permission set access.


Any feedback is appreciated?


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2 replies

Hi Jonnyq, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We truly appreciate it.

Enhancing granularity of permissions on assets is indeed something we are actively looking into for future updates.

In the meantime, if you have any additional thoughts or specific requirements regarding permissions for modifying documents / images on assets, we would like to get more insights for further development. 

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What does your reply actually mean. It's seems like a long way to say something without any answers? 


Why not just put LEVEL instead of Granularity?


So in reply to you.

Is there a solution to the question that I have posed?