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  • 23 March 2024
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With regards to Assets.

In our industry Construction we have a 50/50 mix of owned versus hired.

Generally the hired ones are normally more expensive and may be for higher risk activities or specialist equipment.


With regards to QR Codes we apply to these assets. We can scan etc and then inspect, handover or add action and so on.

Which is brilliant.


However our supply chain is always that we are a sub-contractor working on a project site with other subbies and all under a main contractor (Principal Contractor - under CDM)


What is the plan or is there a way to collaborate in the supply chain so that the PCs representatives can scan the item and without having SC app or similar a view only visual appears that basically shows the items and other non-sensitive information relating to it?





At the moment there have been some issues with the SC QR Scanner not working? 
Can this be reviewed and a solution found?

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