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  • 4 August 2023
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Is there a way for a particular Group to have access to the Analytics of each User’s inspections within the same Group?

For instance, there are only two users in the Group and both conduct inspections at various Sites. I would like for each User in the Group to be able to view Analytics for all Inspections conducted from that Group.

At the moment, it seems that each User can only conduct and analysis of their own Inspections.

The images below are examples of how it looks for each of these Users and the Permissions granted.  The last image is how I’m hoping it will look for each User in the Group after a potential change.


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4 replies

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Hey, Stuart! It’s not possible at this stage, but we’re looking to build this functionality out within the new analytics experience within the next few months.

Would you be open to a call with us closer to time, so we can check the details of the build with you?


Hi Loren,

That would be great! - Looking forward to hearing from you.




Hi again Loren,

I’m hoping you can help me better understand by providing some further clarification. So that I understand, does the ‘administrator permission set’ allow full access to analytics? - I do have access to full analytics across multiple users, and the team has previously had access to the same information, but it seems something has changed and they no longer have the access.

Could it be a design with the reporting aspect of the template? A build with in the template itself? Or is it a completely seperate issue. I.e. user permissions?

Thanks again,


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Hi Stuart - my apologies for the late reply. We’ve just reached out by email to see if we can arrange a time to discuss both of the above. Looking forward to the conversation with you!