Ability to edit Status item names

  • 30 April 2024
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I am not sure whether anyone else is working on an integration between and safety Culture. We are in the process of doing this and have reached a roadblock in that Status names in Safety Culture are not able to be changed. Even though labels are, will only be able to pull through from the Status items. 

I have logged a ‘feature request’ with Safety Culture but hope it is something we are able to achieve for a client who runs the bulk of their operation & business in Safety Culture and are now wanting to move all of their processes, including an integration between Safety Culture and, to Monday. 


2 replies

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Hey @JoMaughan, thanks for raising this - I like this idea! 


Have you added your vote to the existing feature request linked below? 


I also encourage you to add some more context as to how you’re using <> SafetyCulture on the request so our Product team can get a better understanding of how they could make this work? I can see that one of our Product Managers responded to the request a few months ago and I’d be happy to raise this again with Austin 🙏🏽

Use Labels instead of Statuses: As you mentioned, SafetyCulture allows modifying labels. You can leverage labels for the actual status representation and map those to statuses. This way, reflects the desired information even though the underlying SafetyCulture status names remain static.

Third-party Integration Tools: Tools like Zapier or Workload can connect and SafetyCulture. These platforms allow you to build automated workflows based on triggers and actions. You can potentially set up a Zap that pulls data from SafetyCulture based on labels (which you can modify) and populates statuses accordingly.

Custom Integration with API: If you have some technical resources, consider a custom integration using the SafetyCulture API. This would allow you to potentially manipulate the actual status names within SafetyCulture, although it requires development expertise.

Here are some additional points to consider:

Feature Request with SafetyCulture: While you've submitted a feature request, it's good to manage expectations. Implementing new functionalities takes time for vendors. Statuses vs. SafetyCulture Statuses: Ensure your statuses accurately reflect the intended meaning behind SafetyCulture's labels. Clear communication between teams using monday and invoice maker is crucial.
By exploring these options, you can achieve a workable integration between and SafetyCulture for your client, even with the current limitations of status name changes in SafetyCulture.