Introducing the new SafetyCulture Community! 🎉

  • 16 March 2023
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Introducing the new SafetyCulture Community! 🎉
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The new SafetyCulture Community is now officially live and ready for anyone in the improvement game to jump in, share their expertise, feel inspired, and help each other keep getting better! 

Everyone in this community shares a common goal; regardless of their location, industry, or job title, everyone is using SafetyCulture to help their business improve—and there is much to gain from connecting with one another.

Thanks to our beta group of experts – AKA Community Founders – who tested the experience and provided their feedback:

  • Adrian Rivalland, Deloitte (@Adrian Rivalland

  • Andrew Gabb, Blink Charging (@Andrew Gabb

  • Ben Edwards, Peel Ports Group (@Ben Edwards

  • Benjamin Snyders, Australia Post (@Ben Snyders

  • Blake Nichols, Jet Blue (@Blake

  • Christien Barber, Intrepid Travel (@Christien Barber

  • Emma Flynn, Intrepid Travel (@Emma.Flynn

  • Hayden Pope, Mobecrete Construction (@POPEY)

  • Jason Baulch, Alsco (@Jason Baulch

  • Jason Crickmore, Goodstart Early Learning (@Jason Crickmore

  • Jason Wilson, Transocean (@Jason Wilson)

  • John Bautista, Jet Blue (@JBAU821

  • John Smale, Smale Consulting Group (@John Smale

  • Martin Bredenhann, Shem Solutions (@Martin Bredenhann

  • Matt Gregory, Bureau Veritas (@Matt Gregory)

  • Neale Bassford, Elmleigh (@Elmleigh

  • Rachel Lovelace, FKG Oil Company (@Rachel Lovelace

  • Richard Manyk, Monash University (@RM-Monash

  • Sam Faithorn, Coles (@Sam Faithorn

  • Steven Jones, Trippas White Group (@Steven Jones

  • Stuart Medland, Norse Group (@Stuart_Medland

​​​​​We hope everyone gets a lot of value out of this community and keeps on coming back for more. 

As always, if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

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