Training analytics: Access the progress of deactivated users

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Now you can easily view past Training records for users who have been deactivated.
Just head to Training: Manage > Analytics > Course Completion by User report > Switch the "user status" filter to "deactivated.”

Why it matters:

  • Perfect for showing past training for compliance

  • Makes verifying ex-employee credentials a breeze

  • Helps you fine-tune future training programs based on past experiences

Important stuff:

  • Only active & deactivated users are included for now. We hope to include users who have been downgraded from a Full/Lite to a Guest seat soon.

  • Remember, courses must be published to show up in Training reports.

Give it a spin and let us know your thoughts!

On First reading this update I got ahead of myself as this is a huge factor in our company investing further into Safety Culture,

if i deactivate a user i am going to use their seat for someone else, this then means the training is still not visible in analytics,  

proving a good record of training compliance is critical when it comes to external audits.


Hi Drew, I get you! And have some good news…

Since this post was shared we’ve updated our reports to include users who have been downgraded, archived, or no longer have access to Training.

This means that if you reallocate a lite/full seat to another user, moving this user to a guest seat, then you’ll still be able to view their past course completions!

To do so open up the ‘Course completion by user’ report, click “additional filters” and set the “user status” to Active, and the “assigned status” to previous. Make sure the course itself is still published though.

Hope this clears things up. If you have more questions or need a hand, just give me a shout.