Improve fleet and equipment management with GeoTab & Caterpillar (CAT) integrations

Improve fleet and equipment management with GeoTab & Caterpillar (CAT) integrations

In this release, you can now:

  • Seamlessly connect GeoTab and Caterpillar (CAT) with SafetyCulture Assets to effortlessly create and update vehicle or asset details in one centralised location.


What you’ll love about this new functionality

We're excited to partner with GeoTab, a global fleet management and IoT vehicle tracking solution, and Caterpillar (CAT), a world-leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. By using either of these tools, you can make the use of SafetyCulture Assets even easier and seamless. Here's what each of these integrations offer:

GeoTab Integration:

As a GeoTab customer, you can automatically create GeoTab vehicles as assets in SafetyCulture, streamlining fleet management, enhancing safety measures, and improving overall efficiency. Optimise fleet performance, boost driver safety, and increase operational effectiveness. 

Caterpillar (CAT) Integration:

As a Caterpillar (CAT) customer, you can automatically create Caterpillar equipment as assets in SafetyCulture for effortless monitoring and optimisation. Gain insights into usage, proactively schedule maintenance, and ensure safety compliance. Maximise uptime, improve maintenance efficiency, and boost operational productivity.


How to get started with the new release

Interested in learning how to connect GeoTab and Caterpillar (CAT) with SafetyCulture? Learn more about the Caterpillar (CAT) integration here and the GeoTab integration here. Looking to connect your assets with another fleet management tool like Samara? Read about our Samsara integration here

For any additional help, reach out to our Support Team or your dedicated Customer Success Manager, and they’ll be happy to assist.

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