Easily download your data with SafetyCulture Exporter!

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Easily download your data with SafetyCulture Exporter!

In this release, you can now:

  • Get any or all of your data to where you need it

What you’ll love about this new functionality

Previously, downloading large amounts of your SafetyCulture data required advanced technical skills. Now, you can easily download any or all of your SafetyCulture data straight to your desktop or database of choice with our new SafetyCulture Exporter tool. With an updated interface, the Exporter tool lets you get targeted and choose the data you want to download with a click of a button using custom filters. Easily analyze the data in your usual business software by choosing the format it should be downloaded in. Plus, you can keep your data set up to date faster with the ability to incrementally refresh data when you need.

You can continue to use the command line interface to run Exporter unattended or for automatically scheduling downloads.

How to get started with the new release

To find out more about SafetyCulture please read the support article here

If you need additional help, reach out to our Support Team or your dedicated Customer Success Manager and they’ll be happy to assist.

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