Easily decide who can access standalone actions

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Easily decide who can access standalone actions

In this release, you can now:

  • Configure access for actions created outside inspections.

What you’ll love about this new functionality

Reduce noise by making sure only the right people can see actions relevant to them. When you create an action outside of an inspection, you no longer have to worry about your whole organization seeing the assigned action. Share standalone actions with another team member, a whole site, or your whole organization - the choice is yours!

Note: to turn on this feature, navigate to the actions settings page.

How to get started with the new release

Find out more about configuring actions access in our support article here

If you need additional help, reach out to our Support Team or your dedicated Customer Success Manager and, they’ll be happy to assist.

Amazing. Our team actually prefers creating standalone actions, rather than creating actions from inspections. This is a great update to limit the visibility.