QR codes for inspections

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You can currently create QR code to launch an inspection and for assets which are great but it would also be very useful to create QR codes for an individual inspection once it is completed.  It would be a really easy way to trace installation inspections that have taken place on a specific fire door, for example.

Hi @Sally McClure 


Thanks for contributing to the community. Just so I understand what you’re after, are you asking for a new QR code to be generated after an inspection is completed, which would take a user to that specific inspection report?




Hi @Sally McClure, have you tried using the QR code for the public web reports?


You can generate them by clicking on Share button in the Web report page. Hope this serves your needs.


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Thanks Duncan,


Yes that’s exactly what I need.




Hi Divya


I will try what you have suggested to see if that works for us, thank you


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