Power BI connector to enable media download (PDF/Image)

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Hi there, I stumbled across the PowerBI connector, which looks promising for my purpose.

The tabular data seems to be presented (enough for my requirement), but i notice that the media download is not available.

Is there a plan to include the media download function (PDF, PNG/GIF) via PowerBI.  It is available in the API.

Thanks for your suggestion, we don’t have any immediate plans but I look forward to people voting and contributing to this suggestion.

In the meantime, I also suggest trying the SafetyCulture Exporter which can download media items. https://help.safetyculture.com/en-US/000070/




Does this mean that the feature suggestion is on a roadmap for inclusion?  If so, is there any ETA?

Sorry for the confusion, we were just updating our idea statuses as we try to improve how we make use of the Community ideas forum, Open will be the default statuses for Ideas that have been read by the product team and are ready for voting and more community feedback.

We still recommend SafetyCulture Exporter for downloading data and media to report in Power BI, except for large organisations where integration to a Data Warehouse is the optimal method for reporting data management.