Link any action to an inspection

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When linking action to inspection you can only link an action to inspection when the inspection has the same asset and has been done in that inspection template. It would be good if there was a button (much like with assets) which would allow you to link any open action and another button which shows actions linked to that site, as you could have a lot of actions for multiple different sites.

We do fire alarm testing through safety culture but have to put off forcing people to create actions as they have to test a different call point each week in the building/on the site. We have set it up so each call point is an asset so we can see when they were last tested, but when we test the system we have to check other thing but these are the same every week like doors releasing and alarms sounding. Since the inspection has a different asset inputted it won’t allow you to link a previous created action because you are inspecting a different asset. If we forced people to create action we would not get inspection completed or we would have duplicate actions as we can not close the actions before the next inspection is done.

Hi @swhite, thanks so much for your feedback and your comments.

At the moment we use the “Link Action” feature specific for each Asset/Site because a lot of our customers prefer to have one action per asset that they are inspected. I can see how being able to link to any actions will be useful for your use case. I will keep you updated if we have an update to this feature in the future.



Hi @esusatyo 


Thank you for the response.

I can understand why people would want only one linked action, and if people have a lot of action it could be hard to find the one they want to link if it showed all the actions. Another way could be showing actions created just from that question in the template in the past, which are still open. That would be less overwhelming compared to every action but still achieve the goal.


I love that it knows an action was already assigned to a specific question of the same template when doing an inspection. That avoids adding it again if it’s already been noted for a correction so you don’t duplicate the action.  But I also have seen where an Action was added from an Issue, another inspection of a different template (where there are overlaps in looking at the same area), or standalone.  Being able to “choose another action” on an inspection question to link something that didn’t come from a related inspection of that template would be handy.

Yes, this is a big problem for us. I’m reviewing an inspection report now. I know there is an action under a different template for the same site, but I can’t link it. A change is required here.