Issues categorisation report

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Please can you improve the analytics so that I can see the most common categories reported.

Hi @Torsion2015 👋 thank you for posting this idea!

If I understand correctly, I believe you should be able to do this already with our new Analytics experience already :)

You just need to create a chart in a dashboard and select Issues as the metric and Category as the attribute, then you should be able to see the categories grouped by number of issues reported, which you can visualise using different chart types as well.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Hey @Torsion2015 👋

Not sure if you’ve seen my reply above yet, but I’ll close this idea for now hoping that it would address what you’re after :)

If you have any other comments or follow up questions, don’t hesitate to reply again.

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I’m not sure if this is what the OP was referring to, but I would like to see Page and Section options within charts and filters for reports on Inspections (not Issues).

For example, a template may have three categories of questions divided by pages (or sections within the same page): Physical observation, Employee observation, and Employee knowledge. It would be really helpful to have an easy way to see how various sites performed in each of the three categories independently within the Analytics module.

Just saw that this is specific to Issues. Will post a new thread for Inspections.