Create a control of global daily work activity

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Create a control of global daily work activity, entry time and exit time, total daytime and nighttime hours (it is necessary to define the nighttime and daytime periods). Our employees are remunerated for daily activity and travel to our sites are also counted towards activity, it would be important to check the number of inspections during a working period and the time spent (travel and inspections), in its various dimensions, day, month and year. Basically, they should have a service start and end (log in and log out), which could count the daily working hours. And that they could preferably separate nighttime, daytime, weekends, and holidays.

Hi @Ivo thanks so much for logging this idea! My name is Rebecca and I’m a product manager at SafetyCulture. It sounds like site sign in / out and somewhat what you’re asking for so you know when people are coming to site and can then track any of the work they do during that time? 

Correct me if I’m mistaken? 


Currently we don’t have immediate plans to build that type of functionality however, I would not be surprised if this is something we look into as we are hearing this feedback a fair bit and we’re also building some features like contractor management and site inductions that start to gear towards needing to know when people are on site. We’re also in the process of introducing a function for lone worker where you can track the hours someone is doing an activity on site which may be helpful?

I do believe we will move in the direction of site sign on but for this calendar year we don’t have it currently planned on our roadmap. 


Please keep the feedback coming!