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Would it, or is it possible to create a calculation from answers in an inspection? For example, I am inspecting an air conditioner on a recreational vehicle or camper and I need to determine how efficient the air conditioner is functioning. This is called Delta-T. To do this I measure the temperature of the air entering the air conditioner and the temperature of the air leaving the air conditioner. The difference between the two numbers is the delta-T.

I would like to have a question that ask for the temperature of air entering the air conditioner, followed by a question asking for the temperature of the air leaving the air conditioner. Finally, the third question would automatically calculate the delta-T from the answers from the previous two questions.



Yes this can be done, please see image attached.


Q1 air in

Q2 air out

Q3 delta t


have all of the answers set to numbers, on the detla t question click format (number) select calculation and put $air in minus sign - $air out that will automaticall populate the answer


Hi @RV P. I. thank you for your enquiry and @Ady thanks so much for jumping in and sharing your use case! 

For more info on how to use this feature check out the below link to the help centre article:

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Is it possible to evolve this feature even further??? 

It would be advantageous to include the slider function within the Calculations function, either by allowing you to set the minimum/maximum fields with numbers set in previous questions (by using the same, current format, $’name of questions’, and the same inverted function, by allowing the values declared when using the slider function to be made available to use in calculations. 

Furthermore, can the formula functions be expanded to include greater than >, less than <, equal to =, with a warning notice being issued of the calculations results in a false result?