Bulk input training credentials

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Can you bulk input credentials for users rather than one at a time. I am trying to put our Training Matrix spreadsheet details into the SC training system and its taking a very long time.

Hi @Davina thanks for reaching out and trying our new Credentials feature. 

Right now you’ll need to add the credentials one by one and this is because we haven’t found a way to make it quicker and easier to create credentials with media in bulk than doing it 1 by 1. 

I’d love to know how important the media attached to the credential would be for you?


We have been considering making an option that could make media optional. In this scenario we would be able to support a way to import via Excel to bulk create credentials. Would this work for you?

Hi, i understand the issue with regard to adding media. it would be good for inputting all current records from a spreadsheet “training matrix” but i get that the evidence of a certificate would make things difficult. One game changer for us with the training function is a report that can be run to show what is expiring each month so we can report to the business in advance and they can then plan for people to be available.

We are looking at other systems at present and i am trying to promote our use of SC instead.


Hi Davina, 

It sounds like you’re looking for a system to manage recurring training. Is that right? We actually have a feature for this available on beta. I would be happy to give you access to the feature. Would you like to participate in the beta?

Many thanks


Yes please

Hey @Davina, thanks for your feedback about bulk upload of credentials (or lack thereof). I’m the Product Designer currently looking into how we can allow users to bulk upload credentials, and I would love to chat to get some insights from you to make sure we implement the right solution. Would you be available sometime this week to chat?