Add a new site using the SafetyCulture app on iPhone or iPad

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Is there a way to do this; am I missing it?

To add a new site using the Safety Culture app.

Hey Matt,

Unfortunately you haven’t missed it, and we do not have that ability yet. That is certainly something we would like to see too, although it’s not yet on the roadmap. We will be revisiting what organisation management features should be on mobile next year so this would certainly be considered.


Two more things about the iPad and Safety Culture. Where are the archives? I had to find a computer to restore and archive inspection. And it is difficult to paste a question after it or a group of question are copied. 

Hi @Matt Roche thank you for providing your feedback about how copy and pasting could work better and about the difficulty restoring an archived Inspection on Mobile.

Currently restoring archived Inspections can only be done on the web-view. We are always striving for feature parity across web-view and other devices however we don’t have any immediate plans to bring restoring archived Inspections onto mobile so your best course of action is to restore on desktop (web-view) as you’ve done previously. 

Thanks again for providing your feedback,