Pay as you grow with Lite seats

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Pay as you grow with Lite seats


  • A new affordable way to get more of SafetyCulture for just $5 per seat. 


What you’ll love about this new functionality

Not every team member requires Premium full platform access to be effective.  And that's where the Lite Seat becomes a great option. Share knowledge and promote a culture of improvement with the new Lite seat. 

With Lite seats, you can: 

  • Conduct a monthly inspection
  • Create and complete actions 
  • View and export inspection reports
  • Receive and acknowledge Heads Up
  • Collaborate with your team
  • And so much more! 

Together with Full seats, we want to make it easy for everyone on your team to benefit from the SafetyCulture Platform. When more of your team joins, it’ll be even easier to reach the right people at the right time. 


How to get started with the new release

To learn more about how you can expand SafetyCulture across your organization with the new Lite seats, visit our pricing page, chat to our Support team or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

With the “lite seat” does that include unlimited inspections and actions? 

Hi there! The Lite seat users are able to complete 12 inspections per year. However, they can create and complete unlimited actions, issues and view heads up. 

Why is there a limit to 12 inspections per month… That's a really random choice, id love to know the background of how you decided on that figure.. Id understand no analytics etc, but i dont want to pay for a full user account for someone whos just going to complete inspections and nothing more. If lite users could complete unlimited inspections but nothing more apart from maybe actions too id have signed up immediately, Sadly this is still stopping me paying for the service. 

Hey @ChrisKon!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us regarding our new Lite Seat offering. We're thrilled that you showed an interest in our product and took the time to ask us questions.

We made a few changes to increase the Lite seat user inspection count from 3 lifetime to 12 annually based on customer feedback, with the aim of meeting the needs of the majority of our Lite Seat users. Our ultimate goal is to provide more value to our customers, and we're always exploring ways to achieve that.

We totally understand that every organization is unique, and we're continuously assessing our offerings to ensure that they meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We also appreciate your feedback on wanting more flexibility in the inspection count. It really helps us to understand what our customers are looking for, and we value your input greatly. Thank you once again!



Oh man! I got excited for a second there. Was really hoping the ‘lite seats’ would be able to complete unlimited inspections/actions but not have access to analytics, reports, etc… 

As the manager or admin, I’m the only one that needs access to the advanced features, my other 2-3 users only complete inspections. Can’t justify full account just to do a handful of inspections. 

Will have to continue with free accounts for now. 

I love the idea of ‘light’ users.

However, if the whole point is to get as many people conducting inspections as possible to spot issues early, limiting the number of inspections makes this useless.

Hoping that you will reconsider as I would love to see this in as many of my employees hands as possible, but with the costs of full seats for each person, that’s just not going to fly. 

We’ll keep this to only higher level supervisors. I’d rather it be in the hands of every foreman and even foremen in training.


I agree that we are paying for a lot of full seats that are necessary, simply due to how many inspections they conduct.  Many of those do not need other advanced permissions like managing sensors, assets, users/groups, permission sets, global response sets, data globally, etc.  I think if there was a cost-effective alternative to full but different than Lite, we’d end up with a lot more seats but at the lower cost option than Full. In total, we’d still be spending a lot more than we do today.

I see a few buckets:

  • Site Plant Manager
    • Needs: inspection reports, issues, actions, and analytics. 
    • Doesn’t Need:  Settings/Management features, conducting inspections, or editing templates.
    • Aside from analytics, Free works for this only if they aren’t getting trained. If we use training, we’d have to bump them up to Lite; they would not use the 12 inspections.
  • Site Department Manager
    • Needs: inspection reports, issues, actions, and analytics.  Might conduct a handful of inspections.
    • Doesn’t Need:  Settings/Management features or editing templates.
    • Lite works for this.  Probably few people per site.
  • Site Department and SafetyCulture Manager:
    • Needs:  inspection reports, issues, actions, and analytics, as well as Settings/Management features, conducting inspections, and editing templates.
    • Doesn’t Need:  Platform Management
    • Full works for this.
  • Site Employee:
    • Needs:  inspection reports, issues, actions, as well as conducting inspections. Doesn’t Need:  analytics, Settings/Management features, or editing templates. 
    • Due to the number of inspections, we have to choose Full but they are not using most features. A new license type would be idea, like “Lite Plus.”  

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Lite seat feature! Your feedback is crucial as we aim to improve our product and pricing transparency.

We understand some users desire more inspection allowances in the Lite seat. The Lite seat is designed to offer customers a more affordable way of utilising the SafetyCulture platform outside of completing inspections, mainly focusing on training, asset management and viewing analytics. As a benefit to customers who need to complete the occasional inspection we have included the ability to do so without the need for a Full seat.

Our goal is to balance core functionality with affordable pricing, making it ideal for learners, trainers, collaborators, and contractors who need essential tools to act, collaborate, learn and communicate.
You can expect to see greater functionality with the Lite seat soon as we're actively enhancing the Lite seat's capabilities, as discussed during the recent SafetyCulture Next event (if you missed it, check it out here).

Your input guides our development, and we appreciate your patience as we improve continue to optimise the Lite seat to better meet your needs.

really My biggest hurdle for more investment is that the training cannot be rolled out to free users, 

the cost of a lite seat to be able to complete trainings is holding up a company wide rollout which would lead to the requirement of more full + lite seats

presently we are still looking at other platforms that do offer fixed annual fees with unlimited users 


I’m struggling to encourage the wider use of the system but limiting Lite users to 12 inspections a year is a real stumbling block, the company just wont pay for more users on the full seat yet they only do a small number of templates.

really My biggest hurdle for more investment is that the training cannot be rolled out to free users, 

the cost of a lite seat to be able to complete trainings is holding up a company wide rollout which would lead to the requirement of more full + lite seats

presently we are still looking at other platforms that do offer fixed annual fees with unlimited users 

i have the same problem, SC is only being used for Ops staff and if i try to use it for the whole company it gets too expensive. we are looking at other training suites too but i needed something that would manage the delivery and analytics (track completion etc.)


I am mirroring the sentiment of other users on here that, while the Lite seats are a welcome addition, the limitation of 1 inspection per month is still preventing our organisation leaders wanting to invest in the free seat option!

For example, our drivers and operatives need to complete weekly vehicle / plant inspections, unfortunately, without having to upgrade them to a Full Seat, we cannot utilise the SC functionality for operatives and drivers as currently Lite Seats only offer one per month.

I feel that there should be an increase on the amount of inspections for Lite users and for there to be the addition of 1 training course per month.

I feel this would bring far more value to the Lite Seat