Choose how you present your inspection images in your reports

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Choose how you present your inspection images in your reports

In this release, you can now:

  • Change the size of your thumbnail images in your inspection reports

What you’ll love about this new functionality

Previously, thumbnail images were presented in inspection reports in a small, often harder-to-see, size. Now, you can get even more customized with your inspection reports! Choose the size of the thumbnail images in your inspection reports - Small, Medium, or Large. Clearly show all the key details that matter to the people that need them the most and save time by presenting everything.

Note: Available for premium and enterprise customers only. 


How to get started with the new release

Find out more about customizing image thumbnails in your inspection reports here
If you need additional help, reach out to our Support Team or your dedicated Customer Success Manager and they’ll be happy to assist.

excellent feature, we have been asked for larger thumbnails and full page appendix photos in our reports for years from our customers. very well received. 

Hey @DavidThompson, great to hear that you are enjoying the resize thumbnail images feature! Let us know if you have any feedback and feel free to share how the experience is so far!

It would be nice to be able to reference a Photo number in a note/comment. We often take many photos to show high level detail. It is then difficult for Admin or Clients to differentiate between the multiple comments and photos. Staff then need to edit the audit and cross references the photo numbers (e.g. Photo 3) to the applicable comments when back in the office. This just takes more time.

Thank you for sharing your feedback @Matt Roche!

We’d love it if you could create an idea, detailing what you’ve outlined there, so other members of the community can find it easily and upvote :)

It would have been nice to know about the Product Ideas page @jackihann. I have been sending wish lists via the “give feedback” link at the bottom of the following page. It seemed like a vent with no response to be honest.

I’ll add an example to the Product Ideas page. 

Thanks @Matt Roche!

And you’re absolutely right about the pain with that feedback form – it’s part of the reason why we launched this community not too long ago, so we can engage with customers such as yourself on product ideas 🙏🏼