Pre Print QR codes for Assets

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It would be very helpful for people in the service industry to have a feature that we are able to pre print say 50 QR codes and apply them when we are doing an inspection.


An example of this: User A is in the fire industry and gets a new client that has Building Y, Building Y has 30 Fire doors. User A before going to site for the first time prints out 30 individual QR codes on stickers  and while doing the inspection places the stickers on the doors and populates the asset requirements.


I hope the above makes sense.

Hi @Rmanyk 


Thanks for the post. You can bulk download QR codes in SafetyCulture. Apply a filter “Building Y” on the Asset list page → Select all (or up to 50 at a time) → Download QR codes. 


Curious, how do get QR codes onto a medium that works for you?


Does this help or are you asking for something different?




Hey @Duncan Heuer 


so i understand you can download the QR codes only once the asset has already been created. my need is that when my client gives my team a new building to audit example new building Y. Prior to attending that building we would pre print the needed qr codes and capture the assets as we are walking around.


Now this question : Curious, how do get QR codes onto a medium that works for you? i have been looking into a Niimbot label printer, you are able to set up a spreadsheet import and print on site super easy.

Hi @Rmanyk 


I don’t think that would work.


When you generate a QR code you first have to stipulate the URL or string, and then the QR code pattern reorganises itself around that string. 


You cannot make a QR code blank because its pattern of squares will rely on the data you embed. Without data first, there will be no pattern.








So the work around is pretty simple, like you explained to generate a qr you need a link, an identity. 

so let’s say we get a new building we should know that there are say 50 fire doors, you create and assets list of number 1 to 50. That will generate the id profile. Once onsite you are able to rename and add the rest of the data fields as required. That QR code which thinks it’s actually number 1 is level 5 door west…. 

hope that helps the community. 

also to note make sure you set up the assets category.

Ah ok, yeah you could do this.


Using the bulk create CSV flow, generate 50 assets. Call them whatever you like. Maybe create a new type called TBD or Undefined, just to get going. 


You can change the ID, type or any detail fields later. It won’t break the QR code as the asset ID in the URL stays the same, regardless of whether you change type or Unique ID.


Does this help?




Thanks for sharing that workaround 🤗

Yes that does work, we will be using this workflow to capture the assets we maintain.