Multiple Choice responses

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JUst a thought on some of our more intricate QA Templates we have a plethora of Multiple Choice Responses relating to people, areas etc.

Can we please have a sort tool if required so that numbers and letters can be sorted A_z or Z-A etc.

This would save time from the current sorting process.

Any item added in multiple choice where red is designated as the colour indicates high risk, score, potential threat and so on.

Red is risk and high danger globally so this imo should be a default or an option to choose as the colour indicating High - Med and Low.

Example would be traffic lights





Ta John



Have you considered using logic to limit the multiple choices?  You can add logic that would be specific to areas, people, etc.



We do use logic lots but sometimes this is not sufficient as the choices list however small are still required.


There should be a sorting method for this.


Also ref logic. This still needs improving as mentioned in an earlier post.


This related to be able to move logics after they have been created.


Thanks for feedback though appreciated