Local Building Maps

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I cant use the location on assets as my assets are all on one site, would be helpful to use a custom map such as a PDF of a Building/Floor etc to more specifically locate assets in a building. GPS only work externally. 

Surprisingly, the map view of Assets shows our assets in different areas of the building, and these are metal-sided buildings.  I think it must work in tandem with the WiFi, and GPS might penetrate better than the cell signal.  However, different floors would definitely be a problem.

Have you tried adding a field type to your assets for “building” and “floor” to add to each asset?  We haven’t needed anything like this, but I’ve used custom fields for other things.

Yeah ive used Floor and Location in the details, but when you've got a complex site with lots of facilities/assets ideally it would help to locate on a detailed plan. 

Hi @ChrisKon 


Thanks for the feedback. For now location only can come from where the last inspection took place, or from a GPS tracker connected to the asset. Your dilemma here is an interesting one. Will certainly revisit this when we look at other ways customers want to set their location.


In the meantime, perhaps attaching the floor plan via pdf or an image file to the profile might help your users find what they are looking for?